about namysto
The «Namysto» collection consist of many original NFT beads handcrafted by hundreds of famous Ukrainian artists of all ages. This project is created to support Ukrainian artists and army during Russia’s full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

The "Namysto" Collection is made and curated by Goldens auction house (est. 2004). Find out more about our other charity collections for the benefit of Ukrainian artists, humanitarian aids and Ukrainian army: https://opensea.io/GOLDENS_NFT

Namysto - a traditional Ukrainian decoration of pearls, corals, stones, etc., worn around the neck. Namysto are one of the oldest jewelry known since the Paleolithic. Now they are worn mainly by women, but historically they have been used as jewelry by men. The Namysto necklace can also be named after the material - "corals", "beads", "beads". One element of the Namysto necklace (pearl, stone, etc.) is called a «Namystyna» (rarely a bead).